How to Create the Perfect Guest Space - It's More Than Just a Bedroom

By  Sandra Hambley |   | Posted in " decorating tips, guest rooms, holiday "


Holiday vacation anxiety can be just as high for traveling guests as it is for the host. While great food, drinks and company are why we all visit in the first place, do not underestimate the power of a great night of sleep. Having a place to go for a break from noise, too many people, or just to re-energize for the next day is vital. 

Here are our favorite tips to create a perfect space for your guests.

(1)   Make room for your guests’ items – clear out the closet and leave empty hangers, empty a couple drawers, and have a specific place for luggage. It’s always a nice touch to add a robe and slippers for them to use.

(2)   Clear off all horizontal surfaces – nightstands, vanities, dressers to make way for your guests’ items such as their phones, tablets, laptops and water bottles/snacks. Connect an extra power strip to charge devices. Be sure you leave a note to share the Wi-Fi password.

(3)   Provide extra towels, linens, pillows and blankets.

(4)   Stock your bathroom with toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion, disposal razor, etc, and a blow dryer.

(5)   Set up a beautiful and comfortable bed. If you do not have a new mattress, buy a bed topper (memory foam or down). Layer the bed with a comforter or duvet and blanket so sleep temperature can be regulated.

(6)   Be sure to give privacy with curtains and/or blinds that can be closed.

(7)   Assure adequate lighting overhead and lamps by the bed.

(8)   Many people like to catch up on their favorite show or the news before going to sleep in the privacy of their own space, consider adding a flat screen television for their pleasure.

This television cabinet also doubles as a beverage center.
There's a beverage refrigerator hidden inside!​​​




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